The man is not amused.

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Drypoint #1

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Drypoint #1

Hitchcock’s The Birds

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Hitchcock’s The Birds

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The Electric Sheep Anthology is out!

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My illustration of Simon Guerrier's comic Final Cut is in here!

We are very excited to announce that the first Electric Sheep anthology will be published on 16 May 2011by Strange Attractor Press. From the gutter to the avant-garde, The End: An Electric Sheep Anthologybrings together a mind-bendingly eclectic programme of films, authors, artists and directors to create a unique new vision of cinema past, present and future.

Follow Electric Sheep into the darkness and you’ll find Bill Morrison’s chemical ghosts, the bad girls of ’50s exploitation films, apocalyptic evangelical cinema, the human centipede, Spanish zombies, Japanese nihilists, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s lost masterpiece Inferno, Ingmar Bergman’s visions of the end and David Lynch’s soundtracks of decay.

Contributors include Jack Sargeant, author ofDeathtrippping: The Extreme Underground; Jason Wood, author of The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema; James Rose, author of Beyond Hammer: Contemporary British Horror Cinema; Greg Klymkiw, producer of Guy Maddin’s Careful; Frances Morgan, former editor of Plan B Magazine; Jim Harper, author of Flowers From Hell: The Modern Japanese Horror Film; as well as the Brothers Quay and Peter Whitehead among many others.

See a sample of my illustrations on Final Cut here!

Quick sketch on Instagram

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Food + Books = ♥

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My first vivid memory of the intersection of literary and gustatory sensibilities was my mother reading to me a children’s book about a precocious little girl who sneakily gobbles up a cherry pie with clotted cream in the pantry one day when she’s left at home alone. My mom and I spent the next few weeks dreaming about exactly how this pie would taste – cherry pie and clotted cream seemed so wonderfully exotic and whimsical back when I was a child growing up in Asia.

I’ve since gone on to read many many more books, and somehow I never seem to forget all the literary food moments I’ve encountered along the way – maybe because of the spontaneous evocation of senses they inspire.

See if you can match these foodie moments with the random selection of titles below! Contact me for the answers. Have fun!

First Cut.

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Working on the first spread of an 8-page comic for a magazine. Am feeling very pleased with how it’s turning out. Pat on the back. Will only be able to upload it in full when it’s published in November.

I ♥ Hunterian Museum

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The first of many more, I suspect.

New illustrations for a children’s story…

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Once upon a time, there was an old lady who liked cooking dumplings. One of her dumplings falls down a hole in the floor…

She jumps in after it, and finds herself falling into another world.

Lots of complicated things ensue. Eventually, she steals the monster’s gigantic rice paddle and escapes home with it.

She makes it back home safely, and gets rich from all the rice dumplings she makes with the magical rice paddle! Here she is taking her own revenge on the Netherworld…!