First Cut.

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Working on the first spread of an 8-page comic for a magazine. Am feeling very pleased with how it’s turning out. Pat on the back. Will only be able to upload it in full when it’s published in November.


I ♥ Hunterian Museum

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The first of many more, I suspect.

New illustrations for a children’s story…

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Once upon a time, there was an old lady who liked cooking dumplings. One of her dumplings falls down a hole in the floor…

She jumps in after it, and finds herself falling into another world.

Lots of complicated things ensue. Eventually, she steals the monster’s gigantic rice paddle and escapes home with it.

She makes it back home safely, and gets rich from all the rice dumplings she makes with the magical rice paddle! Here she is taking her own revenge on the Netherworld…!

Momma’s Boys (And Girls)

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Contribution to the latest issue of Electric Sheep magazine.

Ink: What Happens After The Orgy

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Contribution to Issue 4 of One Imperative.

Graphic Pen: Monocle job application

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Ink: Dog Woman

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